CPI 解决方案


CPI 追求成效


hours and counting


The compressed gas in this supercritical CO2 application (80/100 bar, 1,160/1,450 PSI) is used as a bio solvent to kill bacteria in the food industry.

Within the compressor this bio solvent acts as a cleaning agent, removing the transfer film from the piston rod surface, where it is essential to create the transfer film in dry running conditions, in order to achieve the optimum running life and sealing performance.

Removing the transfer film leads to high wear and leakage rate and short MTBF (1,500 max).

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延长使用寿命 提高效率 排放控制产品 产品应用
Extending Compressor Running Life in Critical Non-Lube High Wear Rate Application Image

Solution Highlights

CPI EMISSIONGUARD™ TR² ring's low fritctional heat generation and extended wear allowance in CPI material increased running life to 4,500 hours and counting, with a leak rate reduced from 20Nm3h to 2Nm3h.